The first Canadian-born actor to play Mufasa in the Disney musical, "The Lion King."
John Watkis is a professional speaker, speak performance coach, speechwriter and triple-threat performer. He draws on his performance experience to deliver interactive, entertaining and reality-suspending presentations that keep audiences on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.
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Make your conference or sales meeting a huge success by giving them first-hand experience of what a show stopping speech looks and feels like. Performer and Speaking Performance Coach, John Watkis, will delight your team while teaching them what it takes to develop and deliver a speech that leaves the audience wanting an encore.

Executive Speech Coaching

Work with speaking performance coach, John Watkis, to bring out your best when you have to deliver high-stakes speeches and presentations. Whether you’re delivering a keynote, speaking to the Board of Directors or making a pitch for a large contract, 1-on-1 executive coaching will give you laser-focused feedback and direction you need to give a show-stopping presentation.

Speak Performance Workshops

Do your managers and department heads speak on behalf of your organization at meetings, trade shows and conferences? If they do a poor job, it reflects poorly on your organization and you. Prepare your team to develop and deliver content that engages your audience and shows your organization in its best light.

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