Capture and Keep Attention

Capture and Keep Attention

In Person and Online

Lost Attention = Lost Time, Money, and Momentum

You’ve invested time, money, and energy to capture the attention of your audience. It will be costly if you can’t keep their attention.

But How?

Especially when you’re up against the distractions of technology and competing priorities.

Give them a visual and vocal feast they can’t turn away from.

Imagine having a message and a messenger who will keep your audience so engaged and entertained, they lean in, listen, and sit on the edge of their seats.

That’s what will happen when your audience is immersed in the Center Stage Experience delivered by John Watkis.

You’ll feel confident knowing you will keep the attention you worked so hard to capture.

How to Create a Catchy Hook


Event Services

Congratulations! You’ve come a long way.

How do you plan to celebrate your milestone?

Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate in a way that would bring feelings of nostalgia and have the audience laughing, singing, and cheering from start to finish?

If that thought makes you feel tingly inside, you’ll want your audience to experience Milestones Through Music.

Milestones Through Music is a live, vocal and visual multimedia experience created by John Watkis, the first Canadian-born actor to play Mufasa onstage in the Disney musical, The Lion King.

John explores the timeline of your organization through a musical microscope…singing, dancing, and soothing the audience with his sizzling baritone voice.

It will be a celebration your audience will never forget.

Contact us to find out how we can turn your anniversary, retirement, or fundraising event into an experience that will have your audience cheering for an encore.

Your award recipients are excited and looking forward to having their performance recognized in front of their peers.

Imagine if you could blow them away with an awards ceremony experience so uplifting, it strengthens their connection to your team and creates an incentive to repeat their award-winning performance…and even surpass it.

When John Watkis is involved, Themed Award Ceremonies go beyond trophies, plaques, and platitudes. Attendees are treated to an experience fit for a star.

Contact us to find out how we can turn your awards ceremony into an immersive experience that leaves your awards recipients feeling like superstars.

Keynote Speeches

We all want to feel satisfied and purposeful in our day-to-day activities, yet the struggle to feel satisfaction has never been greater.

In the midst of health, social, and economic concerns, we wish we could hit the pause button and take a moment to reset…to strengthen resolve and build resilience.

Based on his experiences in the award-winning Disney musical production, The Lion King, John Watkis takes the audience on an entertaining and enlightening journey that allows them to temporarily suspend reality while reflecting on where they are and where they want to go. He provides timely, practical insights that leave the audience feeling energized, inspired, and eager to make a positive impact in the Circle of Life.

Lessons in the Circle of Life will teach participants how to

  • Influence others regardless of title, status or position
  • Prevent burnout
  • Overcome past failures and achieve future success
  • Discover their true potential and purpose
  • Shift perspective to improve performance

You will be entertained, informed, and challenged as John brings you through moments of humor, high drama and motivation in Lessons in the Circle of Life.

What Client’s Say…

“I own a funeral home company and recently had John come to speak and lead a team building exercise at our annual managers’ retreat. Being such a niche industry, I was excited to see how John would craft a relatable message to a group of over 70 funeral directors. By the end of our retreat, I could not have been happier that I brought John in. He was effortlessly able to capture the room’s undivided attention and delivered a message that, I believe, everyone was able to take something from. If you’re looking for an engaging, masterful speaker, John is a must.”

Greg Rollings
President & CEO
Rollings Funeral Service

Do you want your audiences to remember, repeat and respond to your speeches?

Make your speeches sound like music to their ears.

After all, speeches are meant to be heard, not read. And what could be more pleasant to the ear than music? More importantly, speeches are meant to be remembered – and they’re meant to move people to take action.

Is anything easier to remember than music?

Does anything else move people the way music does?

Let’s face it … most speeches are forgettable – and most speeches fail to inspire change or move people to take action … but your speeches can be different once you understand how to develop and deliver a speech that strikes the right chord with your audiences.

In this innovative, interactive and inspiring session, John Watkis reveals the eight essential elements that make music memorable and moving – then he shows you “How to Make Your Speech Sound Like Music to Their Ears” so your audiences will remember, repeat and respond to your speeches.

In this session, you’ll learn to:

  • Immediately create connection with your audience
  • Make your main message memorable by using a time-tested, fail-proof technique.
  • Influence the overall mood of your audience
  • Organize your speech with ease
  • Discover the most common mistakes presenters make…and avoid making them when you prepare speeches

What Client’s Say…

“John Watkis is INCREDIBLE. I’ve learned so many things that will take my speaking to the next level. And we’re only 15 minutes in.”

Rita Goodroe
Business Strategist/Sales Coach
Rita Made Me Do It, LLC

“John is perhaps the most engaging, humorous and relevant speaker I have had the pleasure of working with. I was so intrigued with his presentation on the topic of “How to Make Your Speech Sound Like Music to Their Ears!” that I brought John to London to present to the local chapter of my speakers’ association. He did not disappoint!”

Mia Doucet
Executive Coach
Mia Doucet, LLC

Do you find yourself wishing people would lean in and listen when you tell stories?

Do you wish your team would be more effective at telling the story of your organization so they can connect with potential clients and close more sales?

If you already know the power of storytelling and want to learn the steps to be a powerful storyteller, Storytelling Secrets from the Stage is for you.

Led by John Watkis, the first Canadian-born actor to play Mufasa onstage in the Disney musical, The Lion King, Storytelling Secrets from the Stage pulls back the curtain on the time-tested strategies used by the best storytellers, and shows you how to use the techniques when you tell stories so that people lean in, listen, and sit on the edge of their seats to hear what you’re going to say next.

Contact us to explore how you can include Storytelling Secrets from the Stage at your next event.

“I have had the pleasure of hearing John Watkis speak twice now: once on how to create a speech with impact and once on leadership lessons. I was beyond impressed on both occasions! I, a compulsive note-taker, actually put down my pen, listened with rapt attention, and could easily share bullet points and highlights from the presentations with others weeks later. John uses his presence, voice, poignant anecdotes, and eloquent story-building skills to craft a message that consistently has the whole audience nodding along, maybe wiping away a few tears, and discussing it afterwards. Whether you are looking to develop as a speaker or grow as a leader, he is an excellent choice for providing strategies, guidance, and a fantastic learning experience!”

Dr. Serena Fisher,

Owner, Optimizing Insight
Coaching & Consulting Services


Voiceover Services

Listen to John

The first Canadian-born actor to play the role of Mufasa in the Disney musical The Lion King. John’s smooth, deep, soothing tones are reminiscent of warm Canadian maple syrup poured over hotcakes and melting butter.

Commercial Demo

Think of John for Corporate Narration , E-learning, Live Events, Promos, Commercials, Audiobooks and Podcast Intros.

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Performance Coaching

All speaking situations are NOT created equal…

The “Do or Die” pitch to nab a high-value account away from a competitor, or retain a critical client who’s rumored to be shopping around…

The persuasive speech you’ve been tasked to deliver that will determine the future of your business or organization…

The all-important interview you moved mountains to get for the position you’ve been coveting for so long…

High-stakes speaking situations require you to perform at your peak, under pressure, when you’re in the spotlight.

As an international speaker, award-winning performer, and competitive salsa dancing champion, John Watkis understands exactly how to prepare for high-stakes performances.

More importantly, he knows how to prepare YOU to be confident, clear, and concise so you can meet the moment, close the deal and be the obvious choice.

High-performing athletes, artists, and executives know if you need to perform optimally under pressure, work with a proven coach. Because, in an increasingly competitive economic climate, whether you’re competing for funding, talent, or opportunity, you can’t afford to go it alone and hope for the best.

Let John pull back the curtain to reveal what top performers already know. John’s personalized, one-to-one High-Stakes Performance Coaching will empower you with the mindset and practices that will bring out your most prepared, impactful, persuasive performance when you’re in the spotlight and all eyes are on you.

“John Watkis is a unique and innovative leader who has been able to share his gifts on some of the top stages as Mufasa in The Lion King. Just as he played the Lion King, he now teaches others how to bring out the regal aspects of their talents and become the King or Queen of their stages. Listen to him, learn from him, and let him help you to grow the greatness that you have inside you.”

Dr. Willie Jollie
Hall of Fame Speaker
Best-Selling Author of
“A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback”
and “An Attitude of Excellence”

“Working with John has given me the ability to address multiple layers of my keynotes – from content and stories, to delivery and blocking. Part of the value is his expertise and experience, another part is in his energy – patient and calm. That energy brings out my best and makes for a powerful collaboration.”

Dr. Simone Ahuja
Keynote Speaking and
Best-Selling Author of
“Jugged Innovation” and
“Disrupt It Yourself”


Speaking Notes: The Eight Essential Elements to Make Your Speech Music to Their Ears

By John Watkis

Speaking Notes is the first and only book that teaches you how to identify and incorporate the Eight Essential Elements of music into your speeches so audiences remember, repeat, and respond to them. 

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